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We work to support children, young people and the elderly who live with autism, anxiety and chronic illnesses (ME/CFS). We curate books, sensory equipment, activity boxes and publish inclusive books and bilingual games to provide purposeful support for learning and mental health. We support families particularly in low income and BAME communities and residents of care/residential homes.

Since March 2020

Power Up Fundraiser

Supporting care homes, children with autism and impairments and chronic illnesses across the UK.


Kids & Elderly People

Kids, young adults and elderly with autism, chronic health issues and impairments helped


Residential / Care Homes

Homes for the elderly and residential homes for those with impairments


Items Donated

Books, sticker kits, sensory items, activity boxes and puzzles donated


Funds Raised

Used to support families children, care homes staff and residents


Supported by

Neighbourly Fund

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