Award Nominee

Picture Books

Nominated Best Children’s Fiction Category at the UBL Literary Awards 2020.

Tinga's Car

Tinga's car

Tinga the clown was sad because his car was very small. He wished he had something bigger and better. This made his car sad too and so the car devised a plan to make Tinga happy.
Tinga Meets Purple Pete

Tinga Meets Purple Pete

Join Tinga and his friends on another adventure where he makes new friends and we learn about being different, why teasing hurts, and why it is important to stand up for others.

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As a feature writer, Zainab has contributed to The Dawn Group of Newspapers, The News, The Daily Times, The Herald, Newsline, The Friday Times, Books and Authors, Sci-Tech, Spider Magazine, Sunday Magazine in Pakistan as well as to The Telegraph (India), and (UK).